SEPTEMBER 29, 2020



Building Bridges to Emotional Fitness

Tuesday, October 27 / 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM EST
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The global pandemic has exacerbated the already substantial burden of mental illness on society. In this webinar, you will learn common mental health impacts resulting from the pandemic, how to assess your own mental health and identify risk factors in others, techniques to improve emotional fitness, and guidance to achieve and sustain total wellbeing in uncertain times.
Compliance Obligations Under New Proposed EEOC Rules
Erica Zinkie, Vice President, Legal and Compliance at OneDigital, shared how changes to the new proposed EEOC wellness rules might impact workplace wellness initiatives that are program-, activity- or outcome-based. She explained the HIPAA nondiscrimination rules as they relate to wellness programs and ways to keep your wellness programs compliant. The webinar ended with an interactive, hypothetical case study that sparked an engaging Q&A session with participants.



Wednesday, February 3 / 12:45 PM – 6:00 PM
Thursday, February 4 / 8:45 AM – 12:00 PM

Whether you’re an HR professional focused on employee experience, a corporate benefits/wellness professional charged with improving workforce health, or a service provider contributing to lifestyle behavior changes, we all must work together to maximize the value of our efforts. This year’s virtual conference will offer insights on how to evaluate your data, target behavior change opportunities focused on your greatest pain points, and operationalize a plan that impacts both individual and organizational outcomes.Through expert speakers, sponsors and exhibitors who are part of our community, you will leave the conference feeling positive and empowered to make a measurable IMPACT on your organization.


Challenges for Working Parents
According to the Department of Labor, working parents make up approximately 41% of the workforce. These parents have been trying to balance remote working and child care since March. Most schools in Massachusetts are either entirely remote or have a hybrid structure. About 54% of parents said that they would not be able to return to work if schools did not reopen fully this year, and 56% said that they would have to buy additional technology to support their child’s schooling if it was remote. This is a new and unfamiliar landscape and parents must maintain open communication with their children, as individuals of all ages are feeling increased levels of anxiety. HR and wellness professionals are constantly figuring out how to support their employees in this new scenario.
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