JUNE 3, 2021



Strategies of Success for Social Connectedness
and Mental Health
Our May 26 webinar was a thought-provoking panel discussion with mental health and wellness experts and employee culture leaders. The conversation focused on the ways social connection and engagement have a direct effect on areas such as employee morale, productivity, and both physical and mental health. The panel discussion was led by Susan Glover, Manager, People and Culture at Boston College High School. The three panelists included Dr. Joel Axler, Behavioral Health Leader, Strategic Benefit Advisors/Brown & Brown; Valeria Tivnan, Director, Population Health Strategy & Well-Being, EBS, Employee Benefits Solutions; and Wendy Fisher, Talent Lead, ZOLL Medical Corporation. The discussion centered on how to handle the many challenges of a virtual environment as well as a conversation around a variety of resources for virtual employees to improve social connection. The panel discussion ended with questions from the audience on the topic of how best to implement employee engagement strategies and how to increase social connectedness in the workplace to improve mental health.
From Panelist Wendy Fisher:
One of the “best” resources I’ve heard about is from a former employer: Their leadership team scheduled a 3-hour virtual “all hands” meeting…and then cancelled it 24 hours beforehand and told everyone the time was to be spent away from their desks doing something fun. Each employee then had to report back to their managers about what they did. People ended up taking their kids out for ice cream, taking naps, reading, etc.…Essentially, leadership gave everyone the gift of TIME.


Safety in the Workplace
Did you know June is National Safety Month?
Every year, organizations across the country celebrate safety by focusing on ways to prevent workplace injuries and hazards. This annual observance is an important reminder to make sure our workplaces become safer every year.

During the past year, the coronavirus pandemic has kept businesses focused on viral safety and containment, both in the office and when working from home. As new vaccines are proving effective against the COVID-19 virus, we’re seeing a significant reduction in COVID cases. National restrictions around COVID-19 are lifting and workplaces are adjusting their policies for in-person and remote work. As life is returning to a new state of normal, businesses must adapt their safety measures for this new environment. June is a great time to revisit workplace safety protocols as we celebrate National Safety Month.

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