Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

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This month’s sponsor spotlight features Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, a WWCMA Gold Sponsor. Learn more about the health plan’s wellness programs and offerings tailored to their customers’ unique needs.
Employers are more focused than ever on supporting employees’ health and wellness as we emerge from the pandemic and are looking for resources to support physical activity, sleep, nutrition, mental health and more. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is here to help.
The health plan’s team of six health engagement strategists work with fully insured customers with 500+ employees and self-insured customers with 100+ employees to curate a suite of wellness programs and offerings that are tailored to their employees’ unique needs.
“There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to wellness,” said Blue Cross Manager of Health Engagement Lynn Clark. “We consult with each customer using a data-driven approach to ensure they are offering the wellness programs that will create maximum benefit for their employees’ physical and emotional well-being.”
Some of the health plan’s most popular offerings and benefits include:
  • Its digital well-being platforms, including a best-in-class solution centered around
    behavioral economics, powered by Virgin Pulse
  • Engaging health education seminars, webinars and on-site events
  • Biometric screening solutions
  • A new Mental Health Resource Center
  • Learn to Live, a digital solution that provides online, self-directed, coach-supported
    programs focused on helping people overcome mild to moderate anxiety, depression
    and insomnia
The health plan has found that small changes to workplace wellness initiatives can make a big impact.
“Employees spend a substantial amount of their time in the workplace, and because of this we believe employers have a great opportunity to significantly impact their employee population’s overall health and wellness,” said Blue Cross Manager of Health Engagement Diana Prue.
The best way for customers to get started with a worksite wellness program is to reach out to their account executive and/or health engagement strategist to start the conversation, Clark noted.
“We look forward to continued collaboration with our customers to help create a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.”
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