Self Comparison

Steps to Avoid Self Comparison

The process of continually evaluating our own behavior, thoughts, emotions, lives, etc. and comparing ourselves to others can be damaging to our mindset and emotional health.
Doing so may leave us with feelings of inferiority and sadness as we look at our own situations in comparison to the world of others. President Theodore Roosevelt’s famous quote “Comparison is the thief of joy” reminds us of the dangers of comparing ourselves to others.
Experts encourage us to practice self-compassion when you find yourself in the comparison trap. Comparison is a natural tendency as it is normal to look for how we belong, how we prove our worth for instance, so don’t add shame or guilt to our natural desire to compare. There are steps we can take to avoid this common tendency of ours and in doing so, to live a happier life.
One suggestion is to use comparison as a motivator for what you would like to do, achieve, or be. Instead of focusing on or obsessing about how you are not what you are looking to be, use it to inspire you to achieve your goal (s). Doing your best to live your life in the way that you would like to will help you to avoid the temptation to constantly compare yourself to others and comparison seems less relevant or important. Ultimately, it is likely you will come to see that comparison doesn’t help you achieve your goals.
View the article by meQ for more helpful tips on avoiding self comparison in their article from Cup of Calm:
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