Shifting Mindsets and Behaviors to Grow

A recent webinar by the National Wellness Institute focused on the idea of shifting mindsets and behaviors to allow for growth.*

As we begin 2022, exhausted and still unsure what the future looks like with COVID-19, many of us may still want to set new year’s resolutions for ourselves. Unfortunately, research from the management firm Franklin Covey tells us that more than one-third of resolutions won’t make it past the end of January. We all want so desperately for this year to be better. Having goals is incredibly important for shifting our mindsets, but it’s not the only thing needed to successfully change behavior.
Psychologists recommend that we be cautious when choosing goals. Our goals should be doable things that we want to change for ourselves, not because of pressure to change from others. This is often easier when we can develop a growth mindset before attempting to make a change. A growth mindset, as defined by Psychology Today, is “the belief that our basic abilities can be developed and improved through dedication and hard work. It’s not so much that this belief is some kind of magic. It’s just that without a growth mindset, we don’t exert the required effort and so we remain perpetually stuck.” With a growth mindset, we can see mistakes as lessons and understand that “not there yet” is an okay place to be in the change process.
There are a number of ways we can help ourselves when trying to make these changes a reality, because after all, change of any kind is hard. The first step is to take a really good look at our goals and ensure that they are actually doable. It also is important to know ourselves when deciding which tools might be helpful in our change journey, as people are motivated quite differently. One suggestion is to join a social support group of like-minded resolvers who can keep each other focused on their shared goals. Another may be building in rewards when we achieve milestones on the journey towards our goals. Whichever tools we choose, they must prove helpful in the change process.

Shifting mindsets and behaviors to allow for growth is not always easy, but when using the right tools, we can achieve our goals and make 2022 the best year it can be!

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