Wellness Program Manager

Eversource, 2021 WorkWell MA Award Winner

What do you think has made the well-being program so successful?
Our wellness programming helps to promote a sense of equity and belonging across our diverse population of employees. We provide personalized content and care options to address all facets of our employees’ lives (physical, financial, family, emotional). We also understand that each employee has individual goals, needs, interests and preferences for how to engage, so we provide a variety of options (high-touch live clinical care, digital self-guided interventions, self-care preventative resources, etc.) for receiving care and support.
How do you continue to address mental health at Eversource?
The stressors associated with COVID, as well as the de-stigmatization of mental health, in general, caused a significant increase in demand for mental health care and support among our employees and their families. We met this need by leveraging the virtual and telephonic live services available through our current providers, and by adding a self-guided, digital behavioral health tool. We also prioritized integration and coordination across our provider eco-system, including warm transfer, referrals, and a comprehensive communication strategy. This team approach addressed gaps in care and streamlined the employee experience.
Can you share your vision of how Eversource will keep well-being a priority?
Most wellness programs provide incentives and education, but the real key to changing behavior in an organization is having the environment and a culture that supports the healthy behaviors. While support from executive leadership is essential, Eversource wellness understands the importance of leveraging “positive influencers” regardless of their leadership position, to promote a culture of wellbeing at an individual, team and department level. We provide the tools and training for individual employees to serve as role-models, support wellness-friendly policies, reward and recognize healthy behaviors, and promote wellness programming.
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