Measuring Well-being: Building an Evaluation Strategy that Measures What Matters Most
Tuesday, March 16, 2021 / 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST
Employee wellness initiatives are commonplace in workplaces today. But many fall short when it comes to understanding the impact of these efforts to support employee well-being. Increasingly human resources, benefits and wellness professionals are being asked to justify the well-being initiative in a quantifiable manner. Are you uncomfortable when it comes to measuring the impact of well-being in your workplace? Are you unsure how to show the link between a thriving workforce and bottom-line results? Do you struggle to identify metrics that are meaningful to your senior leadership team? In the age of big data and the quantified self, are you curious how the impact of employee well-being is being measured? In this interactive intensive attendees learned how to measure well-being in the workplace.
Attendees learned the skills, tools, resources and confidence they need to build a measurement and evaluation strategy that captures the attention of business leaders by demonstrating the true value of well-being initiatives and measuring what matters most.
Learning Objectives:
  • Defining wellbeing and approaches to measurement
  • Identify challenges with measuring well-being in the workplace
  • Identify a framework for measuring well-being
  • Demonstrate the link between employee well-being and bottom-line results
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Mari Ryan is a workplace well-being strategist, award-winning author and international speaker. As CEO and founder of AdvancingWellness, she leverages over 30 years of business experience in various marketing, consulting and executive roles across a variety of different industries. For the past decade, Ms. Ryan has been creating healthier businesses and impacting the lives of employees, through her consulting work and speaking on worksite well-being. Mari earned a Bachelor Degree from Lesley University, an MBA from Boston University, a Master’s degree in Health Promotion from Nebraska Methodist College, and is a certified Worksite Wellness Consultant. She is the founder and former Board Chair of the Worksite Wellness Council of Massachusetts. Mari is an active member of the National Speaker’s Association. Mari is the author of the award-winning book The Thriving Hive: How People Centric Workplaces Ignite Engagement and Fuel Results, winner of the 2019 Axiom Business Book award.

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