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Mental Fitness Training to Create a Mentally Strong, Focused and Energized Organizational Culture

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Wednesday, March 20
MHA Conference Center, Burlington, MA

  • 12:30 PM – 1 PM: Light Lunch and Networking
  • 1 PM – 3 PM: Workshop

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March Event
Building a mentally fit organization can transform your workplace into a productive, collaborative, and resilient culture of well-being.
Do you want to change work from the inside out? Connect the dots between mindfulness and business objectives? Lead through change with more confidence and ease?
We joined NFP’s Global Well-Being and Engagement Leader, Deb Smolensky and Cheryl Jones, Leadership Development Trainer, Mindfulness Teacher and host of the Thrive55+ podcast for a thought-provoking session. Deb is renowned for her #1 best-selling book, Brain On!, and delves into how mental fitness training can transform an organization into a thriving workplace. Cheryl, formerly the Director of Mindfulness at Aetna, is dedicated to helping people to thrive in body, mind, and spirit.
Deb and Cheryl worked together to share their expertise and to provide resources for managers, leaders, and the organization as a whole. This session offered tangible initiatives and ways to generate ideas that can transform workplaces into a culture of well-being that’s more productive, collaborative, and resilient. This session was great timing for the upcoming stress and mental health awareness months in April, May, and beyond.
A few of the many learning objectives at this event:
  1. Understand the concept of mental fitness training and its potential for increasing productivity, collaboration, and well-being.
  2. Learn practical strategies and techniques for enhancing cognitive function, reducing stress, and improving overall brain health at work.
  3. Discover how to effectively integrate mental fitness training into your daily experiences and work environment.
  4. Connect the dots between mindfulness programs and overarching business objectives.
  5. Apply the journey from personal well-being to organizational effectiveness.
Cheryl Jones
Author, Leadership Development Trainer, and Mindfulness Teacher
Cheryl’s mission is to provide health empowerment experiences which support the whole person, helping them to thrive in body, mind, and spirit. Voted one of 12 Most Powerful Women of the Mindfulness Movement, Cheryl was formerly the Director of Mindfulness at Aetna, an American managed health care company. She holds a master’s degree in health education and exercise science from the University of Connecticut and a Certificate in Spirituality from the University of Saint Joseph.

Cheryl is the author of two books, Thriving When Your Cosmic Egg Is Cracked: A Mindful Journey and Mindful Exercise: A Bridge Between Yoga and Exercise.

Deb Smolensky
Global Well-Being and Engagement Practice Leader
Deb is a highly sought-after author, speaker, and award-winning thought leader in the areas of human performance and health at work. She serves as a Global Well-Being and Engagement Practice Leader, and also as an advisor for the insurtech, fintech and digital health start-up communities. Over the past twenty-five years, Deb has received numerous certifications and designations in organizational health and productivity.
In her #1 best-selling book, Brain On!, Deb serves as your coach to retrain your brain through mental fitness strategies that will help you navigate the ever-changing and uncertain world in which we work. As one of the leading authorities on human performance and workplace well-being, Smolensky knows that just as our muscles need a program to get stronger, our brains need exercises to be more creative, innovative, and healthy.
Deb consults with a variety of clients, including numerous Fortune 500 companies, to develop strategies, programs, and practices that empower employees and executives to lead healthy, productive lives at work through innovative, meaningful, and engaging solutions.
Learn more at debsmolensky.com.
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