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WellCert Training
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Worksite Wellness Certification Program

The WWCMA in partnership with the Chapman Institute offer WellCert Training each year. WellCert is one of the largest and oldest Worksite Wellness certification program in the world, having trained more than 3,000 professionals since 2006. WellCert is the preferred wellness certification of leading insurers, wellness councils, top consultancies, and wellness thought leaders in Massachusetts. WWCMA offers local WellCert Level 1 and 2 training for New England wellness professionals.


2017 WellCert Training Program

The 2017 WellCert Training Certification was a huge success! Congratulations to all of the new CWPC's and CWPM's! If you are interested in learning more about the program, stay tuned for next year's dates, read the comments below from this year's participants, and download the WellCert program brochure, also below.


"Overall I found the program very interesting.  Very helpful career-wise on what is happening in the market/what research shows."

"Lots of great information and resources.  Wish we could have gotten into more depth but, I am assuming that comes in the other levels."

"I enjoyed learning about the 3 different types of wellness programs (feel good, traditional and results-driven). It was helpful for me to know what to expect with each one (participation, ROI, etc.) so I can better manage client expectations."


Download a WellCert program brochure to share with others! 

Instructor: Larry Chapman, MPH
Founder and CEO, Chapman Institute

Larry S. Chapman MPH, founder of Chapman Institute, has spent more than 35 years improving the health of employees and their family members and managing employee health costs.





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