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The Worksite Wellness Council of Massachusetts (WWCMA) is the first non-profit in the Commonwealth representing health promotion professionals and business leaders dedicated to promoting worksite wellness programs across the state. As a volunteer led organization it take a lot of talented and dedicated volunteers to make it run!  Are you looking for an opportunity to get involved?



Do you have a passion for health and wellness? Do you want to contribute to a vibrant organization dedicated to the promotion of worksite health promotion programs within Massachusetts businesses?

Volunteer with the Worksite Wellness Council of Massachusetts! Volunteers can choose to sit on a committee, or give some of their time the day of programs and events.

Click here to view descriptions of the WWCMA volunteer committees.

Interested volunteers are asked to complete a brief application by clicking this button.

Questions about volunteering? Email us.

Connect With Us
Contact us at info@wwcma.org
The Worksite Wellness Council of Massachusetts (WWCMA) is the preeminent, independent and objective resource for health promotion in the workplace and champions wellness programs to help employers encourage healthy employees, healthy families, and healthy communities across the Commonwealth.