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About 2nd.MD

2nd.MD is the leader in virtual shared decision making, connecting individuals facing high impact medical conditions with top specialists via a live video consultation.

2nd.MD was born out of frustrations - the uncertainty of choosing the right doctor, months of waiting for an appointment and hours and miles spent traveling from specialist to specialist. These were daily struggles for our founder, Clint Phillips, whose daughter Gabi suffered a stroke shortly after birth.

Questions and anxiety continued as one appointment led to the next. We want to ensure that no other family has to go through this process alone.



  • Live video consultation with an expert specialists for second opinions
  • Post consultation follow-up care
  • Text a Clinician for general questions
  • Personalized Local Support to find a high-quality, in network, local specialist

Company Accolades

  • 2018: Top 20 Best Places to Work in Texas
  • 2018: Fortune Magazine feature for our innovative expert medical opinion service
  • 2017: EY Entrepreneur of the Year nominee
  • 2015: NBGH Innovator of the Year

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1300 Post Oak Blvd #725
Houston, TX 77056


2nd.MD is a proud Bronze Sponsor of the Council

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