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Steps Toward Financial Wellness
Tuesday, June 30 / 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST/ WEBINAR
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The economic impact of COVID-19 can be stressful for companies and individuals. If you're looking for ways to address this with your employees or thoughts on advising your clients, join Muriel Knapp, Partner at Mercer Investment Consulting, along with Maria Porto, Assistant Vice President, Partner Relations  and William Burpeau, Relationship Manager, of Hanscom Federal Credit Union for a session that will explore not only what has changed recently, but also which tools and resources are available for your organization. Attendees are encouraged to share their current experiences, so we can help each other learn and grow.

Learning objectives:

  • How has the financial wellness landscape changed in light of COVID for employers?
  • What are the types of financial stresses employees may be faced with in light of COVID?
  • What tools and resources can employers provide to their employees to help with these issues?

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Emotional Health in the COVID Era
Wednesday, July 29 / 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST/ WEBINAR
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Join us as Kristin Matthews, LICSW, Vice President, Clinical Services at  KGA, Inc. presents awebinar on managing anxiety and dealing with uncertainty in the COVID era.

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Changing Views on Wellness

Seeing companies meet the COVID-19 challenges with creativity and compassion demonstrates that employers are recognizing the importance of a healthy workforce.  These companies will reap the benefits of improved employee engagement and productivity because employees feel supported during a difficult time. 

In the past few months, anxiety and depression have increased and some strategies for addressing this include work break reminders, exercise and a well-balanced diet. For those struggling with isolation, virtual fitness competitions and Zoom classes have helped. It is clear that without healthy employees, essential businesses cannot operate effectively.  

To learn more, be sure to join our webinar on July 29, Emotional Health in the COVID Era. We’ve also provided a few articles below that we hope you find helpful:

Volunteer Spotlight

We could not do what we do without the time, energy and dedication of our many volunteers! Learn more how you can volunteer today.
Kristen Wilson
Associate Director, Business Development
Doctor On Demand

Membership Committee
WWCMA volunteer for 1.5  years

What’s your passion when it comes to wellness?

Wellness is the state of being in good health. I am passionate about wellness because it's the center of the good life. By taking care of our health and the health of others around us; we are better partners, employees and family members.

What have been the benefits of your Council involvement?

Being a member of the Council has provided me with many educational and networking opportunities. I'm so grateful for WWCMA and the continuing education opportunities. I would recommend this organization to any young professional looking to make a difference in the wellness space.

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Carolyn Chu

On-site Dietician

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