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Join a conversation with two local wellness experts!
Emotional Health in the COVID Era
Wednesday, July 29 / 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST/ WEBINAR
Members FREE / Non-Members $35

Kristin Matthews, LICSW, Vice President, Clinical Services at KGA, Inc. will start the conversation about managing anxiety and dealing with uncertainty in the COVID era. She’ll be interviewing Nina Dickerman, Manager of the Work/Life Program at Dana Farber Cancer Institute regarding her experience within an organization that has been addressing this critical aspect of their employee’s health.

Topics include:
  • Latest updates on COVID’s impact on emotional health.
  • Four principles of leadership when dealing with emotional health at work.
  • What employers and employees are experiencing and addressing.
  • Advice for use in corporate and personal settings.

Coming in September!
New EEOC Wellness Rules

Learn about the new EEOC wellness incentive rules - what's changed, what remains the same, and what the new rules mean for workplace wellness programs going forward.

More details soon! Be sure to bookmark our events page for the latest.


Recent Events

Steps Toward Financial Wellness
Tuesday, June 30 / 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST/ WEBINAR

Employers are an integral part of their employees’ financial well-being, especially during these times of uncertainty. Today, more than 50% of employees spend 13+ hours each month at work dealing with financial issues and report that this worrying affects their productivity. Muriel Knapp, Partner at Mercer Investment Consulting explained that financial well-being consists of four segments: (1) control over day-to-day finances (2) preparation for the unexpected (3) being on track to meet your financial goals and (4) having freedom to make choices in life. Maria Porto, Assistant Vice President, Partner Relations and William Burpeau, Relationship Manager, both of Hanscom Federal Credit Union emphasized the importance of reviewing your budget, identifying where cuts can be made, completing an estate plan and adding to an emergency fund. 

Members can access the webinar recording and presentation here.

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Wellness Solutions Showcase

WWCMA would like to offer our community the Wellness Solutions Showcase, a virtual event highlighting 3 curated vendors from a variety of targeted specialties. Vendors will provide a short overview of their services and attendees will have an opportunity to engage directly to ask questions specific to their needs.

Please take 2 minutes to complete the below poll on whether you would be interested in this type of event and any recommendations you'd like to provide. Thank you!

If you are a wellness vendor and are interested in participating, please contact our Vice Chair, Phil Bean at vicechair@wwcma.org.


News You Can Use

Diversity and Inclusion in Wellness

Does your wellness program meet the broad needs of your diverse employees? It's essential to look at your metrics, gain insight from your workforce and determine how you amend your offering to match what you're hearing. The below articles from both Nutritious Life and the American Association for Physician Leadership offer ideas about making your well-being initiatives more inclusive.

How to Build Diversity and Inclusion into Your Wellness Practice

Diversity and Wellness: Their Connection and How You Can Help

Volunteer Spotlight

We could not do what we do without the time, energy and dedication of our many volunteers! Learn more how you can volunteer today.

At our 2019 conference, we were proud to present three volunteers with the WWCMA Volunteer of the Year Award. This award recognizes outstanding volunteers for their valuable and selfless commitment to innovation, dedication, and contribution to the growth of the WWCMA. We hope you enjoy one of our winner's story below!

Sally Vesty, RDN, LDN
Vesty Enterprises
Health + Wellness Educator/Consultant

Annual Conference, Membership, Sponsorship Committees
WWCMA volunteer for 3+ years

What’s your passion when it comes to wellness?

Having worked in the healthcare system for more than two decades, it was surprising to me that employers helped people when they were sick but did nothing to keep them healthy. Since then, I've pivoted my practice to bring wellness education to the worksite and the reward has been tremendous. Now that COVID-19 has altered the landscape for employers, engaging employees pro-actively is more challenging than ever. I look forward to engaging with members of this community to explore how it can be safely accomplished.

What have been the benefits of your Council involvement?

If you want to meet a diverse, energetic, fun and focused group of wellness professionals, look no further. Join our organization and jump into volunteering on the numerous committees. That's what I did more than three years ago and haven't looked back.

I wanted to branch out from my nutrition specialty and WWCMA committees fit the bill instantly. It's great to meet, collaborate and develop relationships with different health promotion professionals and business leaders. We all have a similar mission, vision and purpose of connecting, collaborating and sharing industry best practices in the greater Boston area. After attending a network activity, I quickly was enveloped in the camaraderie of the Council's members, committees and Executive Board. I look forward to helping the Council move forward in a volunteer capacity, especially in this ever changing wellness environment.


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