Thoughts From the Board Chair - June Issue

Thoughts From the Board Chair - June 2020

Thoughts from the Board Chair
Hello WWCMA Community,

It can be hard to process all that is happening in the world around us – a global pandemic, a financial crisis, and the recent eruption of outrage toward systemic racism. People are afraid, angry and in pain. Now more than ever, we need to offer an open mind and an open heart.
As an organization, WWCMA has been and will remain inclusive and welcoming, which includes respecting all viewpoints. Our culture is defined by listening authentically, having candid conversations, and supporting each other at all times.
Entrenched in the well-being space, we have seen the inequalities that currently do not include health and well-being for ALL. This is a daunting and deeply rooted issue. Together, the WWCMA community can take a multicultural approach to employee wellness. Our success will reflect our commitment to embracing change, hearing the needs of our people, and engaging expert partners to help.
As a Council, we will continue to listen, strategize, respond to your ideas, and build programs around your requests. Remember to utilize our resources at your workplace and at home to keep yourselves healthy and well during these challenging times.
Continue sharing your thoughts with me or any of our Board Members. We’re here for you!
Be well,
Kristie Howard, CEBS, CWWPC
Board Chair
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