Board Chair - COVID-19 Message

Message From the Board Chair - COVID-19

March 11, 2020

Dear WWCMA Community,

We are living and working in interesting times. While there are numerous ways to gather information on COVID-19, sometimes that can be overwhelming. As part of the WWCMA community, we encourage you to follow the guidance of trusted sources, such as the CDC and Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

WWCMA Events
As you know, some of our events are held in person and others are webinars. While we enjoy live interaction, we will be exploring ways to engage virtually in the near future. For any future in-person events please know:
  • Our commitment to your health includes changing locations, postponing or canceling events to comply with local guidance.
  • If an event needs to be cancelled or rescheduled and you’re unable to attend, we will credit paid registrations.
  • We rely on you to protect yourself and others by skipping an event if you’re not feeling well, have been exposed to anyone believed to have COVID-19 and/or if you or a household member has traveled to a high-risk destination within the past 14 days.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding a WWCMA event, contact us at

Organizational Leadership
Leaders within the wellness community often are at the center of communication. Think about providing frequent communications and setting clear guidelines based on your knowledge at the time. Organizations also may want to revisit their sick leave or attendance policies, so employees understand that the health and safety of all is a top priority. Utilize your organization’s reliable resources and procedures to guide you.

Personal Care
We also underscore the importance of self-care. When surrounded by uncertainties, there are some basics that can help support your well-being. Remember to get enough sleep, eat healthy food, continue your exercise regime, and include meditation or mindfulness practices that offer an overall sense of calm.

We encourage you to leverage the connections you’ve made within the WWCMA community to share ideas. Reach out to us at if you need additional resources.
Be well,
Kristie Howard, CEBS, CWWPC
Board Chair
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