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WWCMA 2020 April Newsletter

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Next session this Friday
THRIVE: Boost Immunity
Friday, May 1/ 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM / VIRTUAL
Members FREE / Non-Members $10 per session

Session description:  

Boosting immunity is a great habit regardless of a pandemic. Curious which small changes that take just a few minutes each day can make a big impact? You might be surprised to learn how easy it is to reduce toxins that impact nutrition as well as mental and physical well-being. Join this conversation to share your tricks, learn from others and then pass them on to your employees, colleagues, family and friends!

Join us for a 30-minute exchange facilitated by  Kirsten Wright-Cirit, a certified, holistic health coach and founder of Your Wellness Scout as well as WWCMA’s Education and Events Co-Chair.   Each session will start at 11:30 AM with 10-minutes of information on the weekly topic followed by 15-minutes of asking questions and sharing ideas and then a five-minute wrap up to summarize the conversation.

Be sure to register for all of our upcoming sessions:

  1. May 1: Boost Immunity - reduce toxins that impact nutrition as well as physical and mental health
  2. May 8: Social Connection - find ways to maintain remote relationships and what you’re thinking about when physical distancing restrictions are loosened

Recent Events

 Keeping a Remote Workforce Healthy and Engaged
Thursday April 9, 2020 / 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM / WEBINAR

As routines are disrupted and uncertainty increases, supporting employees is of utmost importance. One principle shared is that if the leaders take care of their employees, then they’ll take care of the clients and the business will continue to thrive while health and safety is managed. Employers were reminded that it is not only about maintaining collaboration, accountability and productivity these days, but also supporting physical health, mental health and employee engagement in an authentic way. 

WWCMA Members can access the recording of the webinar here.

Thank you to Tad Mitchell, CEO, WellRight and Lynn Zimmerman, Vice President of Marketing, WellRight for their insights!

THRIVE: Healthy Home
Friday, April 17/ 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM / VIRTUAL

Our THRIVE weekly series started with the Healthy Home session, focusing on the various aspects of an in-home workspace.  Many have concerns about the blurred lines between work time and personal time, but attendees learned that setting up personal schedules for your day will help the transition from work to play to rest. Suggestions included creating a designated workspace, making sure to move throughout the day, eating healthy food for energy and having manageable routines.  Attendees shared stories from their companies such as virtual step challenges, online happy hours and quick zumba workouts via Zoom.

THRIVE: Reframing Obstacles
Friday, April 24 / 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM / VIRTUAL

Our second session, Reframing Obstacles, challenged attendees to think about what they want to overcome. Taking a pause and looking inward through meditation, journaling and practicing gratitude can help change overall mindset.  One exercise the group did was simple -- touch your  tongue to the roof of your mouth, breathe in for 8 counts, hold for 4 counts and slowly exhale for 8 counts. Doing this a few times throughout the day is likely to induce a calming effect. 

Thank you to our THRIVE facilitator, Kirsten Wright-Cirit!  Kirsten is a certified, holistic health coach and founder of Your Wellness Scout as well as WWCMA’s Education and Events Co-Chair.
For the benefit of our entire community, WWMCA is offering access to our THRIVE recordings on our public COVID-19 Resources page. We also have valuable resources from our Sponsors along with additional sites we hope you find useful.

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Share your inspiration!

We’re curious to learn about the ways in which your organization is stepping up to care for their employees and would like to share these messages of inspiration with the WWCMA community! If you’d like to contribute, please send us 2-3 sentences about how your company or a client has focused on supporting its people during the last several weeks. Sharing your name and company/client is optional. Submissions can be sent to inspired@wwcma.org.   

Volunteer Spotlight

We could not do what we do without the time, energy and dedication of our many volunteers! Learn more how you can volunteer today.
Kris Aimone
Wellbeing Program Manager
Southcoast Health

Peer Reviewer subcommittee (Awards & Recognition)
WWCMA volunteer for 6 years

What’s your passion when it comes to wellness?

My interest and passion for wellness began many years ago when, as an Allied Health professional, I worked with both cardiopulmonary rehabilitation patients as well as corporate wellness programs. Although they seem at opposite ends of the spectrum, both shared a common need for health education.  Seeing the positive effects of adding exercise, healthy eating, self-awareness and overall behavior changes by both groups was incredibly rewarding. Today, I’m still energized by employees making healthy changes, which adds to my passion! 

What have been the benefits of your Council involvement?

I have met so many people who share the same excitement for promoting well-being. It has been a great opportunity to share ideas that further enhance and grow employee wellness programs.  Being part of the Peer Review subcommittee has allowed me to see the amazing work that is being accomplished by organizations' well-being programs.

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