WWCMA Annual Conference Speaker Francesca Radbill
Annual Conference Speaker Francesca Radbill
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Breakout Speaker: Francesca Radbill

Francesca Radbill, Owner, Radbill Consulting

Francesca Radbill has been involved with transformational work for over 35 years. She has had the privilege of impacting thousands of peoples lives. Radbill Consulting was started 9 years ago providing empowerment programs to executives, teams, individuals and corporations.

She has a passion for making a difference in the lives of others. Francesca has worked in a cross section of industries that range from small entrepreneurs to major corporations. Her-custom-designed trainings facilitate the creation of powerful new frameworks from which individuals and corporations can operate. Her philosophy and approach have “an evolutionary” impact on her clients. Additionally Francesca was a facilitator at the Women In Leadership 2015 Conference run by Linkage Inc. Other past endeavors include Life After Cancer, an innovative program for corporations which was endorsed by The American Cancer Society, Mass. Medical and Dana Farber.

Session Title: Obstacles or Opportunity – Empowering Yourself and Your Communities

The Gallup Well-being Index states that one of the biggest threats to well-being is ourselves. Attaining satisfaction and fulfillment in our professional and personal lives as well as within our communities requires full personal accountability. To be accountable, each person must understand that they are the author of their life, not the victim of it. How we relate to ourselves and manage the circumstances in our lives will create either opportunities or obstacles. When we alter how we relate to these circumstances, it affects those around us too including supervisors, peers, family, friends, and neighbors.

This presentation will examine how we put limits on ourselves and others that get in the way of creating a thriving workplace and a sense of well-being. How do we create a shift in order to have challenging situations become growth opportunities? How do we support those around us in doing the same?

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