WWCMA Annual Conference Keynote Speaker Anthony Passamonte
Annual Conference Speaker Anthony Passamonte
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Breakout Speaker: Anthony Passamonte

Anthony Passamonte, Co-owner/Training Specialist at Impact Functional and Sports Training

Anthony Passamonte has been transforming lives with more than just sets, reps and passion for over a decade. In an industry struggling to change when change is hard, Anthony has a proven training system and philosophy focused on commitment, consistency and accountability, which has revolutionized the way training is done. Anthony is an emerging new face and game-changing leader in the fitness industry. His facility in Sudbury, MA is fast becoming the leading facility for lasting success.

He has worked with numerous adults in body transformation programs, fat loss and performance. He has also trained thousands of youth, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes since 2000, in all sports. Anthony has become one of the areas sought out body transforming specialist and speed and agility specialist elevating some of the areas top-level athletes from the surrounding towns. Anthony’s philosophy in training has helped numerous clients see massive results and long lasting lifestyle transformations

2015 Men's Health Next Top Trainer Finalist
2014 & 2015 USA Gymnastic Region 6 Conference Speaker
2014 EXPY Award winner for media and communication
2013 America's Premier Expert Award Winner

Session Title: Gaining the Edge on Your Physical Well-being

There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t hear about a new way to lose weight, how to get into shape and how to build that energy back, yet our population continues to get heavier and unfit.  However, through my training experience, it will be argued that the secret to physical well-being is something that we can’t take or subscribe to, but something that we already possess inside.  With open discussion, it will be discovered that physical well-being begins with mindfulness and not the pressures of a regimented workout program and/or drugs. Through this thought provoking discussion, you will discover how to find what you want physically and why you ultimately want it.  This insight will give you the edge to your physical well-being that will last a lifetime.


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