WWCMA Annual Conference Keynote Speaker Alyssa Dver
Annual Conference Keynote Speaker Alyssa Dver
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Keynote Speaker: Alyssa Dver

Alyssa Dver, Co-founder and Chief Confidence Officer of the American Confidence Institute

Alyssa Dver is co-founder and Chief Confidence Officer of the American Confidence Institute (ACI).  ACI collaborates with experts around the globe, leveraging current research and tools from neuroscience, positive psychology and high performance coaching used by professional & Olympic athletes, elite military and C-suite executives.

Alyssa is the author of 6 impressively endorsed books including, “Kickass Confidence: Own Your Brain. Up Your Game.” and the host of a monthly online TV show called, “Kick Up Confidence”. An entertaining keynote and workshop leader, Alyssa audiences range from CEOs, to high potential leaders, sales and all-women. She speaks at conferences, corporate events and association conventions around the globe and is also a go-to expert for media such as NPR, CNN Money, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Fitness Magazine.

When she isn’t confidence crusading, she runs the international executive consulting firm Mint Green Marketing as well as an Angel Investment Network for mid-market CEOs.  An amateur musician and lover of all things involving art, wine and food, Alyssa lives near Boston with her two very tall teenage sons, her utterly patient elementary school teacher husband, and their cute, but quirky, rescue pooch.

Session Title: Kickass Confidence; The Key to Connecting and Controlling both Mind and Body

In a world that relentlessly tells us to do and be more, everyone’s confidence is perpetually under attack.  Whether as a business colleague, a leader, parent or friend, your confidence impacts everything you think and do.  So when your confidence is compromised, it’s impossible to be mentally and physically well.


Luckily, we now know scientifically that you can condition and control confidence and it isn’t genetic or limited to only certain people at certain times. Alyssa’s interactive and entertaining presentations deliver the neuroscience proof and proven tools used by professional athletes, elite military and C-suite executives.   You’ll be able to instantly assess and align your own confidence – and help other people improve theirs.


Immediate Takeaways:

·        Understand the causes and interpersonal effects of low, fake and core confidence.

·        Get high performance tools to immediately calibrate and improve confidence

·        Learn the 8 Key Confidence Indicators that control confidence.

·        Gain mental resilience to reduce stress.

·        Increase personal presence to elevate leadership



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