WWCMA Annual Conference Keynote Speaker Chef Allen Campbell
Annual Conference Keynote Speaker Allen Campbell
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Keynote Speaker: Allen Campbell

Allen Campbell, Chef / Author

The role of the modern day chef is evolving from simply feeding people palatable, ornately decorated food to demonstrating a lifestyle of eating to sustain a healthy body, mind and spirit. From this progressive, yet ancient cooking style emanates a consciousness by the chef to make proactive decisions necessary to sustain the environment and the economy as well as the health of the future generation. This revelation that food can transform and heal, that great relationships and treasured memories are cultivated around nourishing foods, had to first happen within Allen Campbell’s own life before he could ever transfer that energy to his own cuisine.

From the age of 14, Allen began his culinary education while working in the industry. From fast food to five star restaurants and hotels, for the next 16 years he sought his own style and what he could bring to the table. He would explore his native city of Boston following the next best chef for years before moving to Miami in 2009.

After just a short time living and working on South Beach, Allen sought out those in the wellness world and listened with an open heart. He dove into exercise, a primarily plant-based diet and began seeking organic stress relief through yoga, meditation and spiritual practices. This epiphany would forever change his path as a chef. In 2012, he decided to leave the hospitality industry and follow his passion of cooking the foods he wanted to see people eating. A year later in 2013, this decision would unexpectedly lead him back to his hometown to work for Tom Brady.

Taking guidance from Tom’s long time body coach and mentor, Alex Guerrero, Allen has further refined his food philosophy to create and deliver the nourishment one needs to sustain peak performance and longevity. Focusing on the principles founded in the ancient traditions of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda coupled with his extensive culinary background, Allen makes “food as thy medicine” delicious and creative for each season with the familiar flavor profiles found in this manual.

“Our bodies are the only vessel we have to carry us through this journey. Let’s amplify the abundance of nature’s offerings and maximize our potential.”  Allen Campbell

Session Title: Eating to Live in 2016

In this inspiring session by Chef/Author, Allen Campbell, you will take away three objectives about “Eating to Live in 2016”; Why this is important, the negative and positive, and why Allen Campbell and what he brings to the table as a chef.

We’ll take a brief look at our current “eating” culture I the US, including the obesity epidemic, agenda of big food companies, and government subsidizing. You will learn how to prioritize starting with you and how you should be putting your health first above all else.  Through research and being proactive about the eating choices you make you can make a difference in your health and those around you.

Allen will provide you with the tools you need to succeed including practicing mindfulness, creating a designated space to eat, planning ahead, choosing whole foods, and leading by example.

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