WWCMA COVID-19 Resources

WWCMA COVID-19 Resources

WWCMA COVID-19 Resources

WWCMA will continue to update our resources page with helpful information and guidance to help you navigate these uncertain times. Thank you to our committed sponsors for providing these valuable resources to the public. We’ve also included additional sites we hope you find useful.

Feel free to share them with colleagues and friends as well as send us feedback on anything you've found particularly helpful.


May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Today, one in five U.S adults experience some form of mental illness and the average time before getting treatment is 11 years. Depression and anxiety disorders, two of the most common mental health issues, cost the global economy more than $1 trillion each year in lost productivity at work. Unfortunately, almost 60% of employees have never spoken to anyone at work about their mental health status because they don’t feel comfortable. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) identifies that eight in ten people who suffer from mental illness report shame and stigma as the primary cause for not seeking treatment. The conversation about mental health has been taboo for quite some time, but companies are looking to change this with communication. A space where employees are free to be their authentic selves must be available in order to allow a company to thrive.


Especially now, it is important that the mental health of both ourselves and our employees be considered. We have seen an increase in remote work due to the pandemic, with some employees embarking into the world of working from home for the first time. While studies have shown that remote work can be beneficial to employee well-being, additional stressors may diminish some of these benefits. As one NY Times article mentioned, in this strange time, you are either always alone or never alone. Some dread being alone and others are overwhelmed by their full living spaces.

Many companies are rallying around their employees and creating new ways for staying connected. In our Thrive webinar series, the last topic was about social connection as an important part of keeping remote workers healthy and productive. Hosting virtual events with your team can help to reduce feelings of isolation. Encouraging employees to attend a virtual coffee break with webcams helps, too. Supporting the mental health of yourself and your employees is integral to success during these uncertain times. If you’re looking for inspiration, read some suggestions from our members (scroll down and click on "Inspired Stories") and share some of your own!


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Borislow Insurance

During these “Stay at Home” workdays Borislow Insurance has provided several employee health & wellbeing opportunities. We’ve provided webinars on resilience and stress management, personal health coaching, delivered meals to families and encouraged self-care through benefit offerings. In addition, the firm holds a social hour every Thursday and an open question forum bi-weekly with our owners.

—Travis L. Horne, MBA, Director, Health & Wellbeing

Hanscom Federal Credit Union

Eighty percent of our employees are telecommuting. We have reduced staff at our branches and are seeing members (customers) via appointment only. Our office based employees who are still going in to the office have been fully briefed on CDC recommendations on social distancing, handwashing and what to do if they have symptoms. To support the community, Hanscom FCU has continued its strong financial education program by increasing our offerings of webinars, blog posts, social media posts, and a monthly eNewsletter called Money Wisdom. We have also funded 47 LifeLine Loans, 2,336 Skip Payments on consumer loans, 154 mortgage forbearances and 154 Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans (all for small businesses).

—Maria Porto, Assistant Vice President, Partner Relations


At Knead, we provide wellness services for corporate employees by working with skilled independent contractors. In order to maintain business and help our team, we now offer a variety of virtual webinars created by Knead and many of our contractors who are able to teach these amazing classes virtually! This helps us continue to support our team of providers all over the country, while maintaining our true business model.

—Heather Hoover, Director of Operations

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

Community and connection with staff have been extremely important to Kripalu since closing our doors to guests on March 13. We were fortunate to have the ability to keep our 489 staff members financially whole, whether or not they were able to continue to work, for a total of 14 weeks through our strong financial position, fundraising efforts and the support of the PPP loan. We’ve created weekly connections and frequent communications which have been key in supporting our staff during these uncertain times. These connections include weekly phone messages from our CEO, weekly emails and resources from HR and our Culture Committee, offering staff online meditation opportunities and resiliency training through our RISE program, departmental Facebook pages were created to share information, and offering opportunities to have fun through activities such as sharing pictures of our pets, bring your child to zoom meeting day, and a mindful outdoor experience on Earth Day. We also marked Friday, May 1, as a mental health day and gave all our staff the day off.

—Jessica Arrowsmith, PHR, SHRM-CP, Human Resources Manager

LukeJackson Benefit and HR Solutions

We at LukeJackson Benefit and HR Solutions supported the employees and recipients of two of our clients: Salvatore’s of Lawrence and the Psychological Center of Greater Lawrence. LukeJackson Benefit and HR Solutions provided the necessary funds for Salvatore’s of Lawrence to cater Easter dinner for The Psychological Center of Greater Lawrence’s Daybreak Shelter feeding fifty meals to the homeless. We were trying to help Salvatore’s employees, who have seen a reduction in their hours, feed the homeless at Daybreak Shelter. Supporting our client’s staff and customers was the least we could do during this unprecedented time in our lives.

—Stephanie M. Messina Sewade, MBA, SHRM-CP, Executive Vice President/Partner

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