WWCMA WellCert Training Worksite Wellness Council of Massachusetts WellCert Training Level 1 Level 2
MA WellCert Certification Holders
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Click here to view information on the 2017 WellCert Certification Program on October 9-12th in Wellesley, MA.



WWCMA is proud to recognize our members and volunteers who have completed the WellCert Certification Program through the Chapman Institute.  

WellCert is one of the largest and oldest Worksite Wellness certification programs in the world, having trained more than 3,000 professionals since 2006. WellCert is the preferred wellness certification of leading insurers, wellness councils, top consultancies, and wellness thought leaders in Massachusetts. 

The following WWCMA members and volunteers have completed the WellCert Certification Program:

Level 4 - Certified Worksite Wellness Consultant (CWWC)
Jennifer Babineau
Mark Converse
Wendy Gammons
Kristie Howard
Brian Passon
Mari Ryan 

Level 3 - Certified Wellness Program Director (CWPD)
Martha Gagnon
Cerina Savino
Philip Swayze
Tracey Witkowski

Level 2 - Certified Wellness Program Manager (CWPM)
Lenna Bablouzian
Terri Bastarche
Valorie Bender
Patricia Berardi
Jessica Bergenfield
Jill Cascarano
Taylor Cate
Linda DePoto
Melanie Dion
Maria Georgiadis
Kathleen Hewes
Anne Hinderliter
Jane Holland
Colleen Hyde
Jodie Justofin
Patty Kaplinger
Carrie Kass
Carly Kennedy
Beth Lederman
Denise Malenfant
George Massa
Jennifer McCarthy
Leslee McGovern
Sandy McQuade
Diane Pierpont
Kate Powers
Julie Robinson
Natalie Romito
Melanie Dion Rocha
Sandra Sarni
Jayne Schmitz
Melinda Walsh
Kristy Winkelman
Christina Wiskow
Casey Yates
Suzanne Young

Level 1 - Certified Wellness Program Coordinator (CWPC)
Ashley Abbott
Christina Aguiar
Marybeth Allen

Donna Beaver
Sarah Bessette
Lindsday Bucci
Anne Buechsenschuetz
Jenna Carter
Cynthia Causbie
Erin Collins
Tina Marie Dean
Lisa Ferreira
Martha Gagnon
Alison Genetelli
Christine Germain
Susan Glover
Lindsay Govostes
Andrea Hebert
Laura Ingalls
Miriam Johnson
JennyMae Kho
Michelle Murphy
Suzanne Rowe Palacino
Cathy Renda
Cori Rowe
Wendi Sanderson
Mary Shannon
Tricia Simmons
Megan Sowa
June Spencer
Margaret Stockley
Lauren Valadez
Bethany Volino


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